“you can have your all, if you just ask for help”

I want to welcome you all as friends to my blog, like anyone who has ever wished and wanted it all, I have spent years chasing the elusive dream. Often I did not ask for help when I needed it, leaving me in some stupid, funny, sad and crazy situations that I want to share with you all and falling spectacularly short of having it all.

Having it all is reflective of what you want, your ALL is very different to my ALL, and to that of the next person. Whether it is career advice, losing weight, or coming to terms with your own emotions, wouldn’t it be nice to hear from others that have found their all wherever it maybe.

My “sister from another mister” inspired this blog, as she was the one who read some of my pieces and told me they could help someone else. These pieces maybe able to help guide others down the confusing journey of life by knowing there is someone else out there that has felt the same way. She made me believe in myself for the first time in a long time and without her and her husband’s love and support I would not be sharing this with the world.

I wanted to start a blog so that I could share my experiences of life from the amazing to the devastating, in the hope it would be able to inspire, help or just make someone laugh for the day. This is all about us, our journeys, our life, our passions, our desires and most of all who we are as people.

I wanted to create a safe space that we could talk person to person, offer help, advice, hints and tips to help with all aspects of life. I want to discuss everything from mental illness to how to contour you face and everything in-between. This blog will be full of crazy stories from my life, hints, tips and tutorials covering just about everything. I’m open to any ideas, or any subjects that you would like me to do a bit of digging to help you out with. No idea is too crazy or too big to try and help support each other on.

The only thing that I ask is that this blog/forum stays safe and that is stays positive. The world is too full of hate to give it another channel to express itself through. This is all about support and not about negativity. It’s important that anyone can join us and be able to share what they want without the fear of being judged or ridiculed because they need some help. Us girls and guys are exposed to far too much of that in daily life, going to the shops, opening a magazine or just watching the television.

In the spirit of taking a journey, I’m looking forward to taking this one with you, I’m leaping out of my comfort zone and opening my heart and mind to all of you. I hope that as we travel down this road we become friends, confidants and cheerleaders of each other. So here goes…..


 The Girl


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