Date Night

I went on my “first date” the other night in a very, very long time! Admittedly, it was with Chica and La La, but I was out in the world on a Friday night, again. We all got dressed up “ish”, Chica had on a long flowing dress and I, well, I made it back into my heals again and La La look blushing in her burgundy top. 

We were all so excited! La La was free form the confines or work, Chica was without the kids and I was on a mission! I was on a mission to finally get that damn box! If you have read the previous post, you will already know that I had a plan. The plan was so simple, get to Ikea and get a box, and do what I had been meaning for do some time now. Finally, box Champagne Charlie up. So you can imagine where I spent my first date night…..yep you guessed it Ikea!

I actually couldn’t have been more happier, there was only one thing missing from this date night and that was our Roo Roo. She had ditched us and gone off on holiday with the family for a quickie break, and a little rest and relaxation. So, it fell to our little “menage et trois” to take one for the team and get this box home in one piece.

Let me tell you a little more about my girlies, there are four of us, its like a poor version of the Spice Girls after Geri left. We have been best friends for nearly half of our lives and have covered just about every corner stone of the trials and tribulations of life. We have experienced births, death, marriage, break-ups, and just about everything in between together, and we are still getting stronger everyday. That is what I mean about finding true love, your “soul” mates.

You can’t just go to Ikea, I’m sure you have all experienced it before, you go and leave with so much stuff that you didn’t need until you see it displayed in one of the decorated rooms and say to yourself “how did I ever live my life without that can opener?”. I went with the intention of coming out with a box, just a box, but, apparently I actually needed the five other things that I left with too. A new pan, napkins, bottle washer, drawer tidy, and a book box. What I will use that for, I’ll never know!

We didn’t just go shopping, we went for dinner too, La La treated her two dates to dinner. The other thing you can’t go to Ikea without having is their “meatballs”. So after a plate of those gorgeous little round balls (insert pun here!) and a slice of Dime cheesecake we were ready to take on the small city that is Ikea. I don’t think we made it that far before the screams of “I like that, I want one of those, shall we get that in pink” started and it was a slippery path to the bottom of our purses from there.

The most important thing is, that we DID get the box, 65l capacity that I was thinking

New Beginnings!

maybe too small to pack all his crap up into. I was wrong because at 5.30 am, I packed it all away and it didn’t fill very much of it at all. All those years and all those memories and it comes down to half a transparent box. I’m actually thinking moving it in to a cardboard box, and keeping the transparent one for my make-up. Or is that a little too cruel? His box is currently sat in the hallway of my home and I’m wondering what to do next. For those of you who wanted to know, yes the drawers are already filled with all my stuff and my room has been well and truly Champagne Charlie cleansed.

Now, onto bigger and better things, because the future is bright and once you get rid of the toxic, you open the door for all the good things to start entering your life. Its happening already, so many things are starting to fall into place, spending more time with my girlies, establishing old friendships and maybe even a little sparkle in my eye!


The Girl

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