The Dinner Time Waltz

It’s not very often that you learn something, but when you do it is a lesson that you must adhere to. I’m not a parent yet, and can’t wait for the day that I will be called mum. But, in order for that to happen we need to find a new Mr (auditions are being held for those who wish to take part!) As Champagne Charlie was more concerned in himself than in being in a relationship with me (I have told you all about him in previous posts). 

My best friends are finding their way through the complicated journey of parenthood and they are doing an amazing job! They are raising the sweetest, beautiful and loveable two girls in the world, who have me wrapped around their finger. I never knew it was possible to feel the way I do about these two bundles of energy, and to say they melt my heart and bring so much joy to all our lives is a huge understatement.

I have spent so much time watching my Chica and B.B become such wonderful parents, and Bonjour Baby and Jelly Bean couldn’t wish for any better. But, I think I have worked out the secret, the secret is bribery. It all revolves around marbles, most of which I think both B.B and Chica have lost by now and Bonjour Baby is collecting at an alarming rate. 

I’m watching the two of them being challenged in so many ways and each time they rise to the occasion. The way that together, they find the balance of how to overcome the consistent and persistent questions, and to deal with the banshee like sounds that come from Bonjour Baby is really something to behold. 

Just the dinner time routine of tag teaming each other, as one has the baby and one has the child is almost a sophisticated waltz across kitchen floor. Its nice to see that sometimes they manage to share a kiss as one crosses the other ones path, during a two step of changing nappies and putting away toys, all the time Jelly Bean is watching on from her bouncer in amazement.

I don’t think parents get enough credit by any stretch of the imagination, the demands on their time, patience and bank balance is really a feet in itself. I watch on and wonder how they mange to multitask, see friends, raise two beautiful children, spend time with parents that live opposite ends of the A3 and still have time to get to the cinema for date night. I have enough problems trying to get myself out of bed in the morning and decide what colour coffee pod to put in the Nespresso machine. 

In saying that, their date nights sometime take an unsuspecting turn, they manage to get the children packed off for an hour or so to see the latest release at the cinema, they are on time, they are dressed up and they get stuck in traffic. The plans for a cosy night in the back row and a little bit of “us” time are thwarted but they still manage to make the best of a bad situation, and get their “alone time”. It usually ends in a trip to the local hard wear store for B.B and their eyes lock over the latest selection of power tools, in fact, the selection of table saws. B.B’s  eye light up as he looks across lovingly at the shiny boxes that are displayed in front of him.

I’m surprised with the continuous demands on their time, that they ever have time for themselves let alone with each other. Chica decided one afternoon to share her time saving tips and the brutal honesty of “babes, your just lucky I have pants on today!”. I took one look at her and dissolved into fits of laughter “i’ll take you commando any day of the week love” I replied. 

You have to be so careful with what you say, as although they have little ears their range is very extensive. I have learnt, often the hard way over the last few weeks, making quite a few mistakes, when it comes to “little ears”. The saying “think before you speak” really comes into play when around the fragile ears of Bonjour Baby. She listens and absorbs almost everything, repeating anything you say from five minutes ago to a month ago. 

I made the mistake of telling Bonjour Baby that her Auntie La La was coming over after she finished work. No sooner had I said it, every slight sound at the door was “where is La La, I want La La, I don’t want to eat dinner without La La”. Chica told me the way to get round this is to only tell the child something just before it happens, again a very valuable lesson. She really does know what she is talking about, these kids do not come with a manual but better still how do you take the batteries out?


The Girl


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