Winging It!

When I started this blog, I did it with the intention of it being a safe space to talk and work through things, what ever they maybe, and so far I think we are doing pretty ok! I spoke at length to Chica about what it was I wanted to create and what I wanted to achieve, but as soon as the words came out my mouth I knew that it was not something I could do on my own. I had to ask for help and that came in the form of my wonderful extended family, who have been there and helped every step of the way with this creation. 

So when Chica came to me and said “I have something I want you to look at”, I was in awe when she gave me this piece to read and I knew there was only one place it had to be shared. She has experience in other areas that I can only guess about. She is clever, beautiful, funny and talented. She is a wonderful mother, wife, daughter and friend that anyone would be lucky to have in their life, and she has enough room in her heart to give others as much or as little help that they need.

So without further a do, today’s blog is written by my brilliant “sister from another mister”, introducing to you all, Chica Mamma B!


The Girl


Is this my chosen path or am I just winging it? 

So the idea is, when you can get up and dressed before the kids (standing ovation and applause please! Well that is whats happening in my head), means things can get done. Before I have even pressed the button on the first wash of the day, our little jellybean awakes. Hopefully with a little “sssshhhhing” and a “mummy’s here” she calms and sleep is back in play. Until the older of the two (Diva by nickname and diva by nature) screams “Mummy I need a wee”. 

I stand there to praise her fine work with “well done sweetie, but do you think next time, you could say it three octaves lower so we don’t wake your sister.” “Oh snap” she replies, as she quotes her favourite movie which is secretly ours too, but we haven’t let her know that, as it will never be off the television. 

Even at four years old, she has a fantastic understanding that one liners are the way forward, and she manages to secure a laugh even at the odd and inconvenient times. 

It’s funny really, these children come into our lives and others around you will say “your life will never be the same”. Well hello there Watson, first prize for solving that mystery, but what they don’t tell you is they do not arrive with a manual or even a volume button, your left to navigate that on your own. 

Myself and Hubby will admit, that most of the time we are just winging it, with a side of (cue the secret cheerleader in me) what works – TEAMWORK. Bouncing off each other at times like the final at Wimbledon, just played with children rather than tennis balls.

Since I started on this journey of becoming a Mum, the first person I rang after labour was my Mum. I screamed at her “why and how did you do this four times?”  To which her response was and has remained the same, “I cant remember” she replies. I question her again “really? Because I’m sure I wont be forgetting pushing a watermelon through a donut ring any time soon”. But, then she pipes up and tells me “because the reward is so worth it”.  Meaning the little life you have just poured out into the world. 

I’m no career driven, high flying business woman, or olympian (although I do quite fancy the slim athletic build sometimes) but if it was all that easy, we would all be supermodels or CEO’s eh? I admire all those who give it ago and raise a family. I’m just an average girl, trying to do right for her kids, with a few hit and misses in the game of motherhood (cue the James Bond theme tune). The names is Mummy, underpaid and over tired Mummy.

My Happy is knowing I can run after my kids in the park and let them win, but secretly loose so I know for next time to make them sweat a little more. That is it, just for now, as long as my legs can hold me up, i’ll keep going. 

When I meet the Mums at pre-school drop off, my nervous side comes adrift like the seams of my worn out clothes. This particular Mum is listing off all her completed jobs before the child has woken from their slumber. I can’t help myself, I turn to her and her group of friends and say “well you should all be pleased I put on pants today.” They crumble into fits of laughter, as i’m pretty sure they thought I was joking. I smile coyly and head home to find a clean pair to put on for the day, at least I made someone laugh and even a little giggle to myself. 

A favourite quote of mine is by a very wise woman “laughter is the best calorie burner” (Audrey Hepburn). Well in that case, that one earned me some chocolate and I’m taking a bit of me time… 

Chica Mumma B x

2 thoughts on “Winging It!

  1. Crazy Fox lady

    Just to know im not the only wing it out there, brings joy to my heart.
    As for the pain after two I promised my mum no more, now 18 years later, there are 5 joys to this world that only i know how they felt from the inside out. And just I own every crazy second the brought to me.

    Crazy Fox lady xx


    1. Chica Mumma B

      Thanks soo much crazy fox lady, nice to hear we aren’t doing it alone. Have a lovely winging it day/week/year
      Love Chica Mumma B x


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