Trying Something Different

I apologise for being away for a little while, as you will read below I have been a little bit of a busy girl. I am back on track now, with a very large smile on my face so there will be lots more to come on this journey! I’m looking forward to sharing my future with all of you and the fun times ahead rather than looking back to the past. So in the spirit of looking forward, I have been trying a few new things…

I am a great advocate of “trying something different” and “you can’t knock it, till you try it”, Since things in my life have changed so dramatically, I am now looking at everything as an opportunity rather than dismissing it as “not interested”. I have been open to new ideas, new experience and new challenges, rather than looking sheepishly on and saying “its not for me”. It has been a very liberating time and now I’m more often out, than I am at home, in the safety of my little haven in the sky.

I have changed so many things recently, I spend so much time with my girlies now, that there is not often a day that goes past, that I’m not with one of them. Usually we are found having dinner out somewhere fabulous, dinner party at home, self defence class or like this evening baking a cake (I know in this heat!). We have been making a conscious effort to try new things, and in doing so, Chica and I wrote a bucket list. We actually sat down one afternoon, over a bottle of the finest vintage of Evian and decided to just “wing it”. She wrote her list and I wrote mine. 

Being the “two peas in a pod” that we are, majority of them were very similar. Skydive, snap, super car experience, oh yes, girls holiday, “i’ll meet you at the airport”. I had a few more dangerous/adrenaline pumping ones on there too. Great white shark dive, “I’m so game”, free diving in the blue hole, “i’m sure I can still hold my breath!”, climb Kilimanjaro, “why not?”

There was also the usual, about one day getting married and having a baby, I know they are in my future somewhere, and when he comes along, I’m sure I will be ready, but for the moment, I’m just happy trying new things. 

I’m also back in training, getting my body back after the whole expanding equator of a waist situation. I have given up on the pizza and ice cream and swapped it for juices, chicken and vegetables (i still have my naughty days and own them). My mind feels clear and I feel happy, I can smile now rather than feeling like I am weighted down by a huge black cloud. I am full of energy, and although the sleeping is still up and down, some good nights and some rather bad ones, depending what I have been doing, I’m looking forward to getting up in the morning.

I have a cheeky twinkle in my eye, and a smile so big it could probably be seen from space! Life feels good, after so long, I feel like someone has handed me the keys to it and said go play. I’m meeting new people, having conversations where I didn’t thing I would be able to have the courage again, I’m back to causing mischief and it feels so good. 

Mama Lola and the girls all agree my face looks as though it has had a weight lifted, and its true, the toxic is out and I have room for fun and happiness, whether it comes from the gruelling mornings in the gym, the times I have with Jelly Bean and Bonjour Baby, to just being with the loves of my life. Something has changed and I am loving every minute. I’m back to listening to music, every chance I get, dancing down to the gym in the morning and finding peace sitting on the balcony with good conversation. 

It can happen, it can all come good if you open your heart, your mind and you put a little faith in believing. In yourself, the universe and what it has to offer, because once you do, you feel free! Suddenly the sky is the limit and I’m not stopping till I get there, so I’m guessing I have a very long and fun journey ahead!


The Girl


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