Taking a Moment

I’m writing this post on the go this morning, I have done the normal things, gym, tick, post office, tick and now back home to get the copious amounts of washing done before my Ocado delivery turns up later. All the while, trying not to dissolve into a puddle on the floor of sweat due too the heat. Remember I do not sweat, I glitter, that would explain whilst there is alway glitter in my home, it often resembles Tinkabell on acid.

Whilst I was “on the go”, I thought I would write as I think I’m having a moment. I am thinking how lucky I am that I have finally been able to take the pressure off myself and enjoy life. Enjoy being able to do all the things that I never had time for as my head was always stuck in work, number crunching or running around after Champagne Charlie.

I still run at 100 miles an hour when I have things to do, but I am enjoying life. It is so liberating to finally feel as though I am living again, rather than existing for work. I am so fortunate that my life has taken such a turn and that from a bad place, good things can happen.

I am even contemplating going back to school. Now that is something I never thought I would say at 33 years old! But, why not? I’m not held down by anything and as Mama Lola says “the world is my oyster”. At the moment I’d rather be sitting somewhere fabulous eating them! But, I really can’t complain!

I know not everyone has the opportunities that have been given to me of late, and believe me I completely understand that. The point of this post is to be thankful. Hard times will always come and they will always be lurking in the background. But, we need to remember that life is for living and enjoying, it is about sharing great times, whatever they maybe with friends, family or loved ones. It’s about getting up everyday and having a smile on your face, ready for a new challenge or a new start with a “trying something different attitude”.

I made a point today, I wanted my day to be positive, so everyone that I have contact with, I have smiled at, told them to “have a great day” and left bouncing along, pony tail swishing as I go. Chica was right when she said “smiles are infectious” they are. You never know what a positive impact you can have on someone else’s day just by being nice to them. By letting someone know you are thinking of them, or just by flashing a cheeky grin.

I love to smile these days, rather than adding to the wrinkles by frowning and whatever rubbish things happen in my day, I look at them more positively and laugh when it goes wrong. I know I won’t be able to do that with everything that may come my way, but when the coffee pod explodes, or I get stuck in traffic, instead of breaking into a cold sweat and panicking, I now laugh and say oh well, maybe I don’t need that cup of coffee, or maybe I need to be late today.

I am a firm believer in the universe and what ever happens, it is already pre-destined for you. You just get given the pathways and it is your choice to take the left or the right. When they say “its not the destination, but, the journey” they really are right. It does not matter when we get there it is how we get there that is the most important of things, and this time I will arrive with a smile on my face and a heart full of hope.

So, in the spirit of today, “have a great day everyone, and remember to smile!” (swish, swish)


The Girl



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