Who is your Saboteur?

Considering I had to spend last week in the confines of my bedroom, resting up with a kidney infection, I had plenty of time to catch up on Netflix and lots of rubbish television. As I laid there flicking through title after title, I had plenty of time to think, and we all know that…Read more »


I always said I would be honest, so here goes! I have been having a really crappy couple of days. I thought I was flying on this new found freedom of happy and then the pilot said “we need to make an emergency landing” and here I am, feeling as though I have crash landed…Read more »

Taking a Moment

I’m writing this post on the go this morning, I have done the normal things, gym, tick, post office, tick and now back home to get the copious amounts of washing done before my Ocado delivery turns up later. All the while, trying not to dissolve into a puddle on the floor of sweat due…Read more »

Four Little Words

In this world, we so often say things without thinking. We do it to our friends, to people we have just met, our families and our love ones. The words are out, before we have even connected our brain and mouth together and then that is it! They are out there and we can’t, no…Read more »

Trying Something Different

I apologise for being away for a little while, as you will read below I have been a little bit of a busy girl. I am back on track now, with a very large smile on my face so there will be lots more to come on this journey! I’m looking forward to sharing my…Read more »