The Perfectly Normal Construct

I thought is was about time that I introduced you to another one of the  loves of my life. La La has stood by my side and held my hand, more times than I can remember. She not only is one of my best friends, she is my flat mate and to say that we have fun living together is an understatement. I asked her if she would consider writing something for the blog as she is the “Yoda” of the flat. Below is her first post, and it is amazing, I hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I did.


The Girl


I suppose it’s time I took my turn to say hello, introduce myself and say a little of some of the many things on my mind within this safe place The Girl has created. So I am La-La, you may of heard of me in a few previous post’s. I’m a Leo, who is very fond of Harry Potter, chocolate and a good one liner every now and again.
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Four Little Words

In this world, we so often say things without thinking. We do it to our friends, to people we have just met, our families and our love ones. The words are out, before we have even connected our brain and mouth together and then that is it! They are out there and we can’t, no matter how hard we try, take them back. Read More

Trying Something Different

I apologise for being away for a little while, as you will read below I have been a little bit of a busy girl. I am back on track now, with a very large smile on my face so there will be lots more to come on this journey! I’m looking forward to sharing my future with all of you and the fun times ahead rather than looking back to the past. So in the spirit of looking forward, I have been trying a few new things… Read More

Givers, Takers, Fakers and Makers

I know that we shouldn’t label people in this world, and that is something that I am totally against, “live and let live” is what I say. However, I do believe that as humans, we fall into four categories, people that give, people that take, people that fake it and people who want to make it. I have come across quite a few of these people in my life, and having now had the time to step back and evaluate relationships I have had, I can see more of what people are. Read More

Slow Down

For a majority of my life I have always chased the clock. Whether it has been at work, at home, in a relationship or my life in general. My day would start by setting alarms (about six of them and hitting snooze on five) and then chasing my tail, until I finally collapsed in my marshmallow of a bed, for a couple of hours sleep before it all starts again, when the next alarm would ring. Read More

Through The Screen

Now that I am a single girl again for the first time in a very long time, I am learning the changing ways of the dating scene and I’m not that impressed. From what I can gather your soul mate is now found behind the screen of a mobile phone or a computer. You have to navigate your way through the complicated world of likes, cryptic messages on instagram and snap chat stalking. What happened to the days of your eyes meeting, flirty smiles and then the strange concept of an actual conversation? Now we swipe left or right on Tinder, based on the way someone looks rather than their personality. I thought the saying was “never judge a book by its cover”, I see that no longer applies in the haze of hashtags and re-grammes.  Read More

Winging It!

When I started this blog, I did it with the intention of it being a safe space to talk and work through things, what ever they maybe, and so far I think we are doing pretty ok! I spoke at length to Chica about what it was I wanted to create and what I wanted to achieve, but as soon as the words came out my mouth I knew that it was not something I could do on my own. I had to ask for help and that came in the form of my wonderful extended family, who have been there and helped every step of the way with this creation.  Read More