Givers, Takers, Fakers and Makers

I know that we shouldn’t label people in this world, and that is something that I am totally against, “live and let live” is what I say. However, I do believe that as humans, we fall into four categories, people that give, people that take, people that fake it and people who want to make it. I have come across quite a few of these people in my life, and having now had the time to step back and evaluate relationships I have had, I can see more of what people are. Read More

Slow Down

For a majority of my life I have always chased the clock. Whether it has been at work, at home, in a relationship or my life in general. My day would start by setting alarms (about six of them and hitting snooze on five) and then chasing my tail, until I finally collapsed in my marshmallow of a bed, for a couple of hours sleep before it all starts again, when the next alarm would ring. Read More

Through The Screen

Now that I am a single girl again for the first time in a very long time, I am learning the changing ways of the dating scene and I’m not that impressed. From what I can gather your soul mate is now found behind the screen of a mobile phone or a computer. You have to navigate your way through the complicated world of likes, cryptic messages on instagram and snap chat stalking. What happened to the days of your eyes meeting, flirty smiles and then the strange concept of an actual conversation? Now we swipe left or right on Tinder, based on the way someone looks rather than their personality. I thought the saying was “never judge a book by its cover”, I see that no longer applies in the haze of hashtags and re-grammes.  Read More

Winging It!

When I started this blog, I did it with the intention of it being a safe space to talk and work through things, what ever they maybe, and so far I think we are doing pretty ok! I spoke at length to Chica about what it was I wanted to create and what I wanted to achieve, but as soon as the words came out my mouth I knew that it was not something I could do on my own. I had to ask for help and that came in the form of my wonderful extended family, who have been there and helped every step of the way with this creation.  Read More

The Dinner Time Waltz

It’s not very often that you learn something, but when you do it is a lesson that you must adhere to. I’m not a parent yet, and can’t wait for the day that I will be called mum. But, in order for that to happen we need to find a new Mr (auditions are being held for those who wish to take part!) As Champagne Charlie was more concerned in himself than in being in a relationship with me (I have told you all about him in previous posts).  Read More

Date Night

I went on my “first date” the other night in a very, very long time! Admittedly, it was with Chica and La La, but I was out in the world on a Friday night, again. We all got dressed up “ish”, Chica had on a long flowing dress and I, well, I made it back into my heals again and La La look blushing in her burgundy top.  Read More

Time To Box Him Up

Pick a box, any box!

When your relationship has moved from the honeymoon period to the next level and your leaving stuff at each others places, like your tooth brush, your spare knickers and bra, the biggest and most important argument is just around the corner. The argument that all couples need to have, the one that sets the tone for the whole relationship in my opinion, who gets what side of the bed! Read More

Poof! and He Was Gone

I don’t know when it started happening, I just seemed to have fallen under some sort of spell. I was no longer picking up calls as quickly as I always had done or jumping to answer text messages and now, occasionally, I was making excuses not to be around. All we appeared to do was pick at each other, we looked to others that we took pleasure in scoring points off one another, like a tennis match but there was no umpire and the only spectator was one of my best friend’s and my flat mate La La. She sadly got to experience all the ugly truth of what was happening between Champagne Charlie and I. She always managed to see both sides of the argument, and often was his biggest supporter occasionally putting me in my place. Read More

Not Apologising For Being Me

I have spent years apologising for being me, so much so that it has been conditioned into my brain pattern that as soon as I affect someone in a different way to what I expected, my only reaction is to apologise. Before I know it, “i’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, I shouldn’t have said it that way, its me not you” is out of my mouth before my brain has a chance to kick in and actually bring a bit of sense to my world. Read More

Looking For Love

Sometimes you meet someone who you fall in love with so hopelessly, you trust them with everything, they make you smile and most of all they keep your secrets. You know that you want this person to be in your life forever and you also are prepared to commit to them, trust them and respect them every day. Read More