Challenges 4 Charity

Sat around the table the other evening at an extended family dinner, Chica, B.B, La La and I started talking about challenges. We have been known to complete a few in our time, the London Marathon, London to Cambridge Ultra, Royal Parks Half Marathon and the Women’s Adidas 5K, which have all resulted in very tired feet and very sore legs. But, plenty of laughter and money raised for charities close to our hearts along the way.

We had been playing with the idea of completing Tough Mudder as we had hung up our trainers for long enough, so thought this maybe the perfect opportunitIMG_1875y to get moving on it, well get our backsides moving anyway. So with that we signed up, all four of us, are we mad or just plain stupid? That is still to be decided!

Having chosen the challenge, we now needed to choose the charity. We have been affected by so many things in all our lives, and so many charities that we want to raise awareness for, so in the spirit of democracy we put it to a vote. We wrote down every charity name that we wanted to do something for, 26 names went into the pot and B.B was responsible for the major unveil.

He chose the Rainbow Trust which is located in Leatherhead. It is a children’s charity that supports families who have a child with a terminal illness or life threatening rainbow-trust-logo-200x161condition. They support all members of the family whether at home, hospital or in their communities. The help that is offered hugely varied and often tailor made to the individual family.

With such a worth while cause to help raise money for and awareness, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take you all with us along for the ride whilst we prepare for this crazy of challenges. I’ll be updating you all with the training, how we are doing and what you can do to help support us and the Rainbow Trust (if you would like too, no pressure, this world has enough of that).

The training has already started and its going well, Chica and I have been hitting the boxing and running, La La and B.B have been putting together the training plans Facetuneand the most important of details for the event (what we are wearing!). If you would like to come down and see four full sized trolls run Tough Mudder then the more the merrier! We will be all about “no troll left behind” that day and I’m sure you will be able to spot us in the crowd!

So what did we do with the other 25 charity names that were in the pot? I came out with the clever idea that we would keep them so when another challenge comes along, we pick out another name and try again! Hopefully we will have 26 challenges under our belts by the time this is finished and lots of money raised! We all have to start somewhere!

In the spirit of this blog, I am going to ask for help from all of you, with 26 charities that we want to help, we need 26 challenges to do, have you got any ideas for us? Please leave a copy moment below with your ideas and I will reply to each and every one of you! I look forward to seeing what you come up with for us!


The Girl


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